Dear Little One Growing Inside,

What’s it like?

I haven’t felt you move yet,

and sometimes, for a moment,

I forget..

Do you have enough food,

Is there anything I can do

to make it more

comfortable for you?

I wish you could talk to me,

tell me what you like

and what you don’t like,

I wish you could tell me –

‘Hey I am alright’

I wake every morning terrified,

that you’re no longer growing inside,

or that all the doctors

and the scans lied,

And how I’ve cried,

thinking you’re no longer growing inside.

Little one do you feel that I am scared

that I might not be good enough for you,

that I might fail you without meaning to?

I’m not always on top of things Little One,

I have a mind that is sometimes unkind,

It plays tricks on me and can make me blind

to all that’s good, but I’ll come back little one.

And never think I’ve gone there because of you,

and when I’m there please remember it’s all fake,

it’s just a horrid dream, it will end and I will wake,

I love you with every cell of my being and that’s what’s real,

and unconditional love is all I want you to feel.

I hope I don’t pass this on to you, I hope of its grasp you’ll be free,

I hope you know you’re extraordinary and can be whoever you want to be.

Little One I promise everything will be okay,

I love you and will tell you every single day.

Dear Little One Growing Inside,

What’s it like?

I hope you’re alright.