You were restless then

Your mind was restless then,

thoughts scattered,

like envelopes pushed through

a letter box,

splayed across the floor,

and kicked around.

Ideas clicking through your head, 

an ancient slide machine

pulling up tattered plans –

like running away,

escaping to distant shores,

with foreign waves washing over you,

But they’d retreat back into the ocean,

And you’d rage that you were unchanged.

Sitting had always been

uncomfortable for you,

there seemed to be

shards of glass,

sharp bottle green spikes,

threatening to cut you –

you’d fidget around,

squirm, to stop them from

tearing into your skin.

You were restless then.

But now –

you’re different,

you lie in bed,


whilst the morning sun

wrestles through the curtains and

rests on your face.