When it was coming home…

It was quiet for a while, well not quiet —

familiar nonsensical words flung around Westminster,

Brexit means Brexit does mean Brexit,

But nobody listened,  it was calm.

Sports pages leapt to the front of papers,

knocking out May, Davis, Johnson

it was waistcoats, Trippier, Kane,

less anger, less shame,

We ALL wanted this,

it wasn’t divided-

split down the middle – 52/48

we smiled at each other in the heat,

simmering with love, not boiling with hate.

Three Lions roaring with pride and unity

Drowned out hyena Boris’s desperate wail for divide.

It was coming home.

To the home that belongs to all of us, that we all share together.

Except it didn’t come home,

another plane arrived,

With the world’s worst human inside.