The Horrors of Weinstein

Weinstein’s hands

have been

up the skirts

and in the trousers of many


but all the times cited,

are too frequently met with a sigh,

and a cocking of the head,

but why were you in his hotel room?

Why were you alone with him?

You were wearing that?

You wanted him to give you a job?

What did you expect?

All yous

and no him,

But these stories all begin at the same point,

With him.

He made the advance, she said ‘no’

which he chose to ignore,

It starts right then, not before.

This is NOT something she wanted

or asked for.


And the comments –

‘Come on  – you couldn’t have expected more?

‘Harvey’s old, used to a different way- a dinosaur

Because he’s no T-Rex and there’s nothing more complex about it than this –

He. is. a. rapist.


And yes she was silenced with payment and

signed a paper,

But does that make it okay that he raped her?

It does not make her richer.


And women I implore you, please don’t start hurling blame,

Lindsay Lohan, Donna Karen, really, is that your vibe?

What about defending your tribe?

Just because it didn’t happen to you,

are you really not able to see

there are a lot of women beyond me, me, me,

Because every time someone implies its okay,

Another abused woman thinks – maybe I won’t say.


And meanwhile he cries ‘I am sick, I am sickand

‘I am really going to tryas he flies off to Arizona

And how horrific for all those abused,

who have lived with their sickness every day,

the dirty secret he forced upon them,

But he can pay for therapy and all the rest,

While they lie awake fidgeting,

minds stuck with the face they detest.


And to all those actually suffering from sex addiction,

who live in pain, because of the way it reigns their lives,

who strive to get better and would never force themselves on another,

You are not like him.

It’s as simple as this –

He. is. a. rapist.


And not only is it hideous to women, but also to men,

These are not just animals we have to co-exist with,

programmed by our smell and bust,

who we should inherently distrust,

Because there are many men out there,

who respect women, listen to them and think with their head,

and we do them an injustice when we say ‘you shouldn’t be alone with a man,

especially near a bed

Because it’s not just our ‘daughters’ as people love to say,

who we betray,

when we allow men to behave this way,

it’s all humanity,

our sons too,

he as well as she.

We can all be


We can all be better than this.


So let’s get him from the Arizona pool he’s lying by and put him in court,

because he needs to  be held accountable, needs to show some remorse,

Because it’s as simple as this –

He. is. a. rapist.