There was a Woman who stayed in bed…

A little poem for my mum’s birthday…

There was a woman who stayed in bed,

With lithium clouding her little head.

She descended from the Bank of Baring,

Whose vault got a serious airing .                                  

Her husband was a man of action,

One of a few members of her faction,

Admirers came from Spain, France – from far and near,

To sit on the bed and plump up cushions for the dear,

Often she would sleep away

The day, 

Or look for deals on ebay.

Even her midnight feasts were grand,      

Often caught champagne truffle in hand.

She hoped her girls

Would marry and produce pearls

For her to wear in bed,

Around her lithium filled head.

But, alas, they went for men in the arts,

No stockbroker would fill their hearts

As the years went on,

And the money all gone.

A feud with the bank, debt collectors too,

Meant  there was only one thing to do…

So the bed that she lay in all day

Now had to be sold on ebay

So now there is a woman who lies on the floor,

Who Kings, Queens and all the world do adore.