The Silent Feminist

silent feminist

I will not master

Nor be mastered

Not adore

Nor ignite adoration

I will frustrate

But not dominate

I will seek and seek

And may never find

But what I do

I’ll keep within the quarters of my mind

I will demand everything

And deliver nothing

As is my right.

I will quietly fight.

I will not humiliate you

But do not underestimate me

I could.

I could tie knots in your patriarchy

I could make a mockery of the

Crockery you utilise to create

the hypocrisy you produce each mealtime.

Look at me now and see all that we ever were,

all that we will be and all we will become

For there’s perfection in our imperfections

And even though there are some of us who are silent now

Do not doubt our quake

Do not render us fake

For when we choose to,

We will scream.