OH NO! It’s Father Rage


This Christmas there’s an unusual Santa lurking around the tree,

A clean shaven smug face we’d rather not see

This is Father Rage from the far right pole,

He brings no Clementine, chocolate nor coal

OH NO! rather than HO, HO!

His sack contains racism, misogyny and all sorts of shit  

Ready to wreck the future of all your kids, 

He’ll even whip a baby off the breast whilst shouting 

‘in the corner’ 

We’ve all watched Swayzie and know that’s out of order 

His rage began when he kicked up a fuss about the treaty,

since then he’s been getting his teeth into matters more meaty.

As his face appears repeatedly on our screen,

the pendant of politics slowly right does lean.

He has been drinking sherry across the EU,

shacked up with Germany and had some kids,

But yet non-nationals he somehow forbids,

As he complains about the concept of a Romanian neighbour,

This is not the Christmas presence we need as  our saviour.

His elves have opted for ploys over toys,

MP Batten asked muslims to sign an agreement to abstain from violence?

These elves are unruly tyrants and must be met with defiance.

And Councillor Silvester blaming UK floods on Gay Marriage Laws,

How many of these horrific statements can we allow abut abhor.

He sent an elf a while ago by the name of Griffin, 

But he was too fat to make it down our chimneys, 

So now the scrawny Santa has arrived,

hate filled and morally deprived.

Leave his reindeers no carrot, and him no sherry,

Let’s remember what and who we are and be merry. 

So while we KIP on this eve,

after wishing our families good night and adieu,

Don’t let Father Rage get in bed with U.