Beware of Being Branded


Free thinkers,

Don’t be branded,

You’ll find yourself landed

In some fake anarchist mess

Due to some offloading

From a hairy chest


Being reprimanded,

I beg your pardon…

Who are you?

Why should YOU

demand that I demand


Because branded is as branded does

I didn’t meme to fall for all he said,

He just reminded me of debating society’s Fred


This body of questionable health

dips his dick in goldsmith wealth

His promises hang in his long, split hair,

It swings chaotically without any real care,


Really? And what good will not voting do?

TELL ME, don’t stare at your pointy shoe

The system is such that even A vote does count,

So to what will us not voting actually amount?

Only a voiceless generation, with no hope

of change.


And change. That’s what we want. Isn’t it?


I agree someone needs to say this shit,

But don’t choose him cause he’s kinda fit.

open your own throats speak and be free,

Stop his ego thinking it’s an anomaly


Russell up an alternative,


You’ve got to give something more,

Now you’ve opened the flood gate door


Then pleeeeasseee put your tongue back in,

As I’m sure many a lady has said after shagging him,

On some regretful drunken, drug-addled whim


So as you consume his attacks on your consumerist way,

Just remember who is getting more this pay day.

Give me a political party behind which to stand,

Don’t give my freedom some fucking brand.