A Fly Called Jim…

jim the fly

There once was a fly called Jim,

Who hated circling the bin,

‘I’m better than this’ he’d cry

To other flies buzzing by,

He wanted more from life

Than annoying a house wife

He wondered if he could be a spy,

What a fine job that’d be for a fly!

So to the office he went

Of a spy agency in Brent

They cried ‘we’d love to have you on our team’

Further boosting Jim’s rocketing self esteem

So Jim was hired

And then wired


Delighted he buzzed into a hotel room,

Where a bride was cheating on her groom,

And into a laboratory he flew,

Where a famous scientist was sniffing glue,

And into a dark room he did soar,

To spy on a renowned whore,

But whilst he watched from the wall

She did spot him and call

‘Fly, fly’ the whore did yell

From her body a man fell

FUNNY Jim thought – for her to get shirty

About a fly that’s only a little bit dirty

He tried to buzz off and disappear,

But was weighed down by his spy gear,

And as Jim the fly did stall,

The man squashed him on the wall.

So when a fly now says ‘jesus this is bit grim’

The others tell the story of cocky little Jim.