The sorry plight of my bus journey last night


So this is what became of us – two bust pens and a night bus,

I refer to myself now as the royal we,

A codependent mind imprisons me,

I comprehend all the past, present and future

blame my lack of connection to it on the router,


I wondered lonely as a pound

And found myself in this land.

Fumbled blindly for an alternative existence,

A better life gallops nonchalantly in the distance…


Me – I’m meditating on my meal deal sandwich,

preparing my palate for the mini cheddar snack

I hear that £3 shout ‘Oi you! I’m not coming back’


A man picks his teeth violently in the next door seat,

The air fills with scents of excretion and kebab meat


Smartphones you may have

But there’s no smarter chick than me

I’m getting off here – yes, Chelsea.


No driver – no need for the ramp!

I’m not actually disabled

Just deluded and alcohol addled