A silly little story about Cheryl the germ


There once was Cheryl the germ

who resided in sperm 

‘This is no home for a lady’ she’d groan

To the estate agents on the phone

They tried desperately to sell her flat,

There was a bit of interest from a rat

But he was looking for something open plan

He squeaked ‘sorry honey, I’m not your man’

I can’t stay here she decided while filing her nail

It’s sticky and gross and smells rather stale

Suddenly her flat started to shake,

‘Oh crikey’, she said ‘an earthquake’

And with that she was catapulted somewhere new

She felt gravity tug and a girl say ‘I’m going to the loo’

This is lovely, thought Cheryl, a place for a lady 

Not only is it warm, but sufficiently shady

So she held on and nestled in

And Cheryl’s new life did begin

So be warned of germs getting uppity, wanting both plasma and pool

It’s the well known STD story they don’t teach you at school