Hack, hack, frack, frack

Hack, hack,

Frack, Frack

Hack, hack

Frack, frack


Always fracking, always hacking

Wanting oil or a reputation to soil


Ring, ring

Who’s that?

No need to divulge

I’ll soon know

As will the US,

Mail and the Mirror

All things considered what did you expect?

Privacy? Privacy? Privacy? Please

You went to Carphone Warehouse

and now you want to be free?



You’ve been hacked

Phone jacked

By Obama and his crew

The Nobel Peace Prize

Came hunting for you


Disguised as the CIA

Hack, hack,

Frack, frack,


Frack, frack


Yes – they were sad about their daughters kidnapping

Yes – they were having an affair

Yes – they use bleach in their hair

And in usual form

Everything we hack,

Everything we frack

The US do bigger

I’ll have a hack mac with fracks

Actually… supersize that.


Our papers hack the odd victim,

Or desperate parent of a missing child

But in the US they’re really going wild

They’re hackers on methadone

Tagging Germany’s phone

Getting into the android

YES feel paranoid

Speak freely but please speak LOUDER


And bloody give us some dirt

Or oil.


Either, or.


Oh Northern England

We’re back again

We’ll take that oil and sell it down south to an Oligarch

Who’ll drink it with cranberry juice at Boujis in the dark

The US frack whole states, we frack Salford

Oh our special relationship

Hack and frack

That’s what we do,

That’s what our national anthem’s

been reduced to


But why, oh why will no one hack me?

Or frack me good and proper

I’m made of oil despite a purse of copper

Hack this rap or frack some crack

And then we’ll talk over a Big Mac