A Cheesy Poem: An Ode to Pizza


Dear Pizza

There are some things I just must say,

I’m sorry – I can’t help feeling this way.

I don’t mean to be needy or in your space,

I only want you permanently in my face.

Whether you’re with your spicy mates,

or your goats cheese and vegetarian crew,

I am there on top of you. 

The only one of your friends I’ll do without,

Is that bloke who is spikey and stout.

I know he is really, really sweet,

I just don’t think he goes with meat.

So when you’re out with him,

I’ll stay in, watch a movie and chill,

but my mind will be with you still.

I love you most in your express form,

Not when you’re cold,

But when you’re hot or warm.

I’ve prostituted myself to those ploughing crop,

just to see you, who makes my mouth drop.

I’ve never known anything like your wily ways,

You offer yourself for practically nothing some days,

In the shape of an email voucher I can’t resist,

your charm and tomatoey tits.

Put them on a bed of cheese and bread,

And that is a combo I’d happily wed.

So darling Pizza,

I hope you’ll consider me

in the light I consider you,

And bid all other eaters

Adieu, adieu, adieu.