Oi Pinkie – You Brighton Up My Weekend

I’m a London girl – born and raised, but I am happiest next to the sea. So I can’t understand why in 25 years knocking around the London streets, I’ve never ventured to the nearest seaside destination – Brighton. Well… I’ve now got the perfect excuse – my little sister is in her first year of Sussex university. I decided I would go check her and Brighton out.

I can’t tell you how much I loved the joint. Well, I could but I don’t want to get gushy like the Niagra Falls. It’s ridiculously easy to get there, it’s so pretty, the sea is all before you and most importantly the food is DELICIOUS. We went to a pub/restaurant called The Dorset, which served the best Mussels I’ve ever eaten.

After lunch we walked around the Taj Mahal, which is plonked right in the middle of the city. They sure did keep that quiet… If we’re being pedantic it’s called the Royal Pavilion, but it’s very Tajy. Perhaps Shah Jahan was looking for a seaside spot for his wife?

We’d had enough culture and it would seem, not enough food – we hit the pier for some melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts. My sister didn’t go to the pier for 8 months – she thought she had to pay to walk on it. That is some serious student scrooging.

The afternoon ended perfectly – on our way back to campus we found a bookshop selling classics for a pound. Everything at Sussex university is on campus, so it is literally right on y0ur doorstep: the lectures, the canteen, the bookshop. I think I’d find a campus university quite claustraphobic – you have your lecture, then your lunch, and later get chlamydia all in the same spot. I liked strolling through the park to my halls; dodging the muggers and heroin filled needles darting at me.

We soon escaped campus and went to my ideal bar – it played swing, had a burlesque show, served the most delicious and cheap cocktails, and was free to get into. It’s called The Mesmerist – check it out. The cheap cocktails did not sit too well with the disgusting breakfast on campus, but I went home a happy chick. Brighton – I’ll be back.

I want to live where the rent is cheaper,

I want to live where the water’s deeper.

Yes- I’ll give you the Thames for the sea

Oh Graham Greene write me in…

(meant to sound Little Mermaidesque)

But on a serious note – I want to live in Brighton. I wonder if the Taj is letting?