A few things I hate it when people say…. (just in need of a rant)

The hairdresser:  I really feel that your hair reflects you.  You can’t be very happy at the minute, as your hair is a mess…

Funny that.. my misery began at around 11 when I first walked in here and we bleached  it.

The random tube taker: Smile –  it might never happen.


Me get stupidly rich and sit reading on a Caribbean island for the rest of my life. You are right, it won’t happen. But I  really don’t want to talk about it.

The person at the cash desk when I’m buying tampons:

That’s four pounds and sixty nine pence.

Why the f*ck should I? Let’s see what happens now….I might just paint the town red.

Someone I vaguely know: You have food in your teeth.

Yes, I am aware of that.. Well, I’m not. But I really don’t want YOU to tell me.

Very ‘relaxed’ people: ‘I’m just chilling’ (in an exasperated and stressed voice)

I beg to differ

The Ex Boyfriend: I really care about your family.

What about ME? I swear I was the one that you were meant to care about. My family didn’t even like you.

Anyone and everyone: You’re just tired.

And you’re just boring.

Anyone who is not Italian: Ciao