January Culture Vulturing

January is my least favourite month. I’m no longer pale, but actually grey.  I don’t have much to say apart from ‘How was your Christmas’ and now it’s the 23rd – I can’t even bust that.  I just want to hide. And what better way to hide than behind a culture curtain?

So I book endless tickets, making sure I am busy most nights so I don’t  feel like a depressing loner, despite  NOT actually socialising or seeing anyone. I’ve got gymn tickets, theatre tickets, gig tickets….

I am now broke AND going to spend the next month or so behind  a pillar (I only go for shit seats – just the kind of chick I am)

Anyway, enough rambling and on to a recent week of perky culture vulturing…

Some friends of mine recently started up a theatre company. For their first production they were performing three George Bernard Shaw plays called Overruled. The plays were held at the  The Red Lion Theatre/pub in Islington, which is a great, but very sweaty venue.  My advice would be to make sure you have a non-sleever you can strip down to. Or just get your kit off…. Apparently imagining the audience naked eases the nerves of actors and actresses.  So why not make their thoughts a reality?

The plays are, put simply, about marriage. The first play portrays a decadent married couple –  they toy with the emotions of others and get some weird thrill out of men lusting over the wife.  The second is a commentary on open marriage  and the last shows a woman practically forcing a man to marry her. She is persistent in her game, and aim to marry a gentlemen. Her unladylike forwardness eventually wins the battle against  his snobbery.

Although Bernard Shaw wacked these  plays out some time ago, each play felt ridiculously relevant and up to date. I’m sure I’ve seen similar scenes on Holyoaks?

The acting was completely brilliant and each play gave me the giggles. And not because I knew the actors – I quickly stopped swooning because I had friends in the cast, and got eaten up by the performances.  A testament to how good they all were.

Unfortunately, each performance was a sell out and the play has now finished. But seriously watch out for the Wilmington Theatre Company. I know they are going to have plenty more treats in store…

The word all over town is Fuerzabruta, and it has been for a while (since it last came to London six years ago) so I thought I better check it out. A great friend was hosting her party there. Pretty damn perfect.

It was a friday night, but unfortunately I was all out of Friday feeling. My insomnia is quite out of control at the minute, so most nights are spent working out stains on the ceiling and the days are spent wishing I was asleep on the floor. Yes, cry me a bloody river…. anyway the long and short of it is that I wasn’t really in the mood for the experience I was about to have.

BUT that did not stop it from being completely extraordinary. It is almost impossible to explain. We were all ushered into the Roundhouse where we witnessed extraordinary sequences happening in front of us, behind us (some beautiful girls in pink hang form the roundhouse ceiling and chase each other round a metallic curtain) and from above….

Suddenly, two plastic fish tank type things appear overhead and girls dive into a small pool of water. Seriously surreal. And seriously sexy. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of down the trouser action.

All the while there is very loud, clubby music playing and flashing white lights. A man appears on a treadmill and runs through boxes and chairs and all sorts. Again fabulously surreal. But  annoyingly I wasn’t drunk enough – I could clearly see the stewards surrounding the ‘running through air’ man.

But it really was the most out of this world experience and more uplifting than the Lighthouse Family…. I just wish I’d had a Jägermeister and a full night’s sleep.