How about I just sit on my unmade bed and play on my iPad?

You  film?

We could be on to something…

So after the Da Vinci disaster, the Leo crew were chomping at the bit for an art fix and arranged to meet at the Royal Academy to check out the Hockney. My friend had a broken ankle and was quickly plonked in a wheelchair. We were then taken through the back entrance, Hockney style, and into the exhibition. If only we had got that sort of treatment weeks before at the National…

I am a huge Hockney fan. Whilst at university in Leeds I would often jump on a train, post gritty house party, to Saltaire and visit the David Hockney gallery. (Saltaire is marvellously pictured in the exhibition)

But, I’ve got to say with this exhibition, I didn’t really get the picture…. let alone ‘The Bigger Picture’

I adored the older pieces… Particularly this one….

And the colours of the landscapes were undeniably striking BUT the pictures from  the ipad just didn’t do it for me. Call me a digital doubter, but I’m all up for putting the iPad down and getting out the oils…

Not only was I a bit miffed  by the medium but I found the result a bit disappointing, the pictures slightly looked like they could be hanging from the rails of Hyde Park (if you know what I mean?)

My Dad pointed out that I have a rather slutty way of turning all my exhibition notes into a debate on whether I would ‘do’ the artist or not… If so, Hockney – based on this exhibition, it’s lucky you’re gay….

This is a VERY personal opinion so please get down and judge for yourself, because all in all the man is a bit of a god. ‘The Bigger Picture’ is on until the 9th April at The Royal Academy.